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  Linux Hosting:

If you're thinking about launching your first web site, it's always smart to determine what sort of hosting platform you'll be using before you get carried away with and end up taking the wrong decision or choosing the wrong hosting platform. At InfiHosting, we are proud to offer several different Linux web hosting plans that provide exceptional value for money. We understand that most website owners want a platform that's reliable and easy to use, which is why we're happy to offer a wide variety of hosting plans using Linux. We have a plan suited for every budget and marketing strategy.

If you are not familiar with Linux web hosting, you might not know right off the bat whether this hosting solution is the right one for you. Also known as Unix-based hosting, Linux web hosting utilizes a free and openly sourced operating system to power its servers. The open sourced nature of the Linux web hosting solution allows our customers to have unlimited access to a large population of free scripts and applications, including the MySQL database, Perl, CGI, and PHP. This open source design allows us to provide you with a low cost hosting plan on a platform that gives you the freedom and flexibility you require.

There is nothing more frustrating for web site owners than an unreliable or slow internet host. If you are most concerned with the stability of your site, and the consistent availability of high speed page loading, then you should definitely consider one of our Linux web hosting packages. Because Linux hosting only demands a fraction of the resources from our servers, it is more often than not the ideal hosting solution.

Package Name Disk Space Bandwidth Price* Order
Linux 50MB Plan 50 MB 500 MB/month Rs. 700 400/- linux hosting bangalore
Linux 100MB Plan 100 MB 100 MB/month Rs. 1000 700/- Linux web hosting india
Linux 250MB Plan 250 MB 250 MB/month Rs. 1400 1100/- cheap linux web hosting services india
Linux 500MB Plan 500 MB 500 MB/month Rs. 2300 1900/- best linux web hosting services india
Linux 1GB Plan 1 GB 10240 MB/month Rs. 3500 3000/- web hosting with cpanel
Linux 2GB Plan 2 GB 20480 MB/month Rs. 5000 4000/- linux web hosting services bangalore
Linux 3GB Plan 3 GB 30720 MB/month Rs. 8000 6000/- cheap linux web hosting services chennai
Linux 5GB Plan 5 GB 51200 MB/month Rs. 10000 8000/- web hosting pune
*Applicable from 10th September 2011 onwards.


"Their plans are very affordable and the service is awesome. My website has never been down since I took hostin ...".

Yogesh Punch
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"InfiHosting has given me a very good service and their support is excellent. I am very happy with you guys. Ke ...".

Siddharth Sarawgi
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"After comparing plans with many Hosting providers, we found InfiHosting offering us the best price. ...".

Anil Prakash
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"InfiHosting has given me a very good service and their support is excellent. I am very happy with you guys. Ke ...".

Siddharth Sarawgi
More Testimonials